Speaks Volumes Mascara!

With this vitamin infused all-in-one mascara, you'll have full, voluminous lashes in just a few swipes!

As Seen In The Wall Street Journal, ranked Top 10 of their 50 best mascaras!

A tried and true Best Seller! Vegan, gluten-free, and ophthalmologist-tested.

Hands down my favorite Mascara

With the vast variety of mascara options on the market, from drug store to name brand, how do you find the ONE? By lots of trial and error, a massive amount of makeup remover, and many dollars down the drain!

Perhaps this is a non-issue for those blessed with naturally long lushes lashes (say that fast, haha). I, on the other hand, was blessed with thin, short, red-ish/blondish lashes that blend into my face unless enhanced. I also have a lazy eye which can make me look tired, even when I am well rested and have bounds of energy. Wearing mascara not only makes my lazy eye less noticeable (in my opinion), it also gives me a fresh bright-eyed look, making me feel put together, confident, and ready for the day.

The majority of mascaras I've purchased over the years have never quite fulfilled my desire for length or volume. I've also experienced many of them flaking or smudging, causing my contacts to collect a hazy-like film, making it harder to see, or making my eyes itchy, irritated, and sometimes watery. Have you ever used a mascara that clumps onto your eyelash and you then use a dangerously sharp object to separate the lashes? Yikes! I can unfortunately raise my hand to that one. Luckily that is a thing of the past and so is my search for the perfect mascara.

Whether I'm teaching a fitness class and want a natural get ready and go look, or desire a sexy, smokey, out on the town evening gaze - It's 'Speak Volumes Mascara' for the Win!

Why it's worthy of making the 'HOT' List

For starters, it's Rated number 10 in the world by the Wall Street Journal!!!

  • It's a game-changer for your lashes!

  • Safe, Clean, and Non-Toxic

  • Awesome for sensitive eyes and/or for people who wear contact lenses

  • Gives lashes a fuller look by adding volume, length, curl, and separation

  • Lightweight, long lasting, smudge-resistant, doesn't clump

  • Washes off easily at the end of the day without rubbing or tugging, helping to keep all your lashes intact - (I need all the lashes I can get) :)

  • Lashes are lengthened, boosted and separated in appearance in a single swipe

  • With multiple swipes, you can build a more dramatic finish with bold-looking volume

  • Applicator has specialized bristles and a tapered brush that help create buildable impact

  • Ophthalmologist-tested

  • Formulated without gluten/ Vegan

  • Cruelty free

KEY Ingredients & BENEFITS

  • A proprietary blend of polypeptides and botanicals, including Pea Peptide and Radish Root to help the formula support the look of more voluminous and lush lashes

  • Green Tea and Larch Extract that help the formula create the appearance of fuller, longer lashes

My Final Score... 5 Stars!

Speak Volumes Mascara has been a product in my makeup drawer since it was first released by Arbonne International in 2018, and it is still hands down, my favorite!

No more trial and error. No more waisting money. No more hazy contacts, itchy, watery, or sensitive eyes. And no more clumping, or sharp objects to remove the them! Plus, my eyelashes look longer, fuller, and better than ever before!

What we choose to put on our bodies (lotions, potions, makeup, etc.) is just as important as the foods we choose to put in our bodies. As a Fitness, Food, and Life Coach being an advocate of healthy living is a top priority... including clean beauty.

If you, or anyone you know, is tired of the trial and error, or are simply looking for a top quality, clean, and altogether badass mascara, the Speak Volumes Mascara is my number ONE recommendation!