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b-Stronger, Inside and Out...

Ditch the -EFING- Diet

NO more counting calories, points, and macros! NO more starting/stopping extreme exercise regimens, fad diets, or crazy diet schemes that you'll eventually give up on! NO more deprivation or starvation, NO more restrictions! And, NO more-EFING-BS!

Instead, let me show you how to MASTER making simple food choices that act as fuel for the body, mind, and skin! LEARN how to optimize how you look and feel, Inside and Out. DISCOVER how to create healthy habits that last! ESTABLISH sustainable practices that take the confusion out of how, what, and when to eat! And, BECOME a BADASS at tuning into YOU! 



Feeling foggy, groggy, irritable, or depressed? Do you find yourself getting sick often? Are you bloated? Have congested skin? Suffering with migraines? What about cravings or mood swings?
Are you sick and tired of feeling SICK and TIRED?

The health of your GUT plays a huge role in the health of your WHOLE BODY, especially the immune system!
Having a STRONG immune system is the
fundamental key and connection to living
your most VIBRANT and HEALTHY life.

Explore how to get your GUT in CHECK
- your life depends on it!   

Image by Julia Topp
Fresh Green Dip


With actionable steps toward giving your body and brain the RESET it deserves, commit-to-PHIT is a 3 week Healthy Habits Challenge designed to help you establish more energy, manage weight, and feel more PHIT. It's a great starting point to your wellness journey! It's also an ideal next step if you've already graduated from my Ditch the -EFING- Diet course in order to continue supporting good habits and building Inner and Outer Strength.

EXPERIENCE  the WINS with notable physical changes,  enhanced mood and mindset, better food behaviors, more restful sleep patterns, and vibrant energy that lasts! 


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